Get Started

Basic navigation

By Category:

Click “Go” under a category to navigate to the sub-category menu. Then click on a sub-category to view the available datasets for that topic area. Within the catalog, you can use the pane on the left to change your selections to view data associated with different topic areas.

By Searching:

Simply use the search box on the home screen to search for data. After entering a search, the results will display in the catalog. From here, you can apply new filters to the results or enter a different search.

Using the Catalog:

You can access the catalog by navigating through the category menus or by entering a search from the home screen. In the catalog, you can change the category, select different View Types, and access other Federated Domains.

Need help?

Use these links to get help with this site:

Site Tools contains several custom tools accessible from the slider on the homescreen. These tools include specialized maps and search lookup tools for specific health data initiatives. You can access these tools by clicking on the rotating slider on the home screen.

Downloading data

Every dataset on contains a link to download the the dataset in several formats including, CSV, JSON, PDF, and many more. To download a dataset, click “Export” within the dataset and then select the format you want to download.